Suggested Actions for Property Owner Authorizing a Deer Hunt on Their Property


1)      Contract an experienced archery hunter aged eighteen or older (as directed by City Ordinance).

2)      Obtain a commitment from the hunter of his/her willingness to harvest does.

3)      Verify the hunter's liability insurance.

4)      Verify your liability insurance (as directed by City Ordinance, i.e. this insurance requirement of $2 million can be a combination of $1 million held by the hunter and $1 million by the property owner.)

5)      Review with hunter the tree stand location to ensure it will provide for shooting down only (as directed by City Ordinance). 

6)   Determine how close the deer are to be before an arrow is released, i.e. suggested maximum distance 20 yards.

7)      Have the hunter sign a liability release for any damage that might occur to him/her while on your property.  Review with the hunter any hazards on your property, i.e. sink holes, etc. including walking path easements.  A map with these areas indicated may be appropriate.

8)   Notification of neighbors (as directed by City Ordinance).

9)      Verify hunter has a state license.

10)    Hunter is to wear identification at all times on your property.

11)    Hunter's vehicle is to be parked on landowners' property (refer to City Ordinance for details).

12)    It is suggested only one hunter on your property at any given time

13)    Be sure the hunter knows and understands your boundary lines.

14)    Reach understanding on what disposition of arrows will be made of any wayward arrows.  Verify the hunter's arrows are identified with his/her 9-digit Missouri Department of Conservation identification number (refer to City Ordinance for details).

15)    Get a commitment for disposition of harvested deer, i.e. will the hunter assume all responsibility including costs? (refer to City Ordinance for details)

16)   Suggested questions to ask hunters: