Application For Garage Sale/Estate Sale Signage Placement


15933 Clayton Road, Suite 105, Clarkson Valley, MO 63011

636-227-8607 Phone        636-227-1914 Fax 


Applicant’s Name: ________________________________  Phone No.: _____________


Name of Organization (if applicable): _________________________________________


Event Address: ___________________________________________________________


Event Date: ______________________________________________________________


Applicant's E-Mail Address: ________________________________________________


Applicant’s Signature: _____________________________________________________


Placement Dates: ________________Time: ________a.m./p.m.   To: ________a.m./p.m.


Please affix the pink-colored strips to each garage sale sign.  This indicates to the Clarkson Valley authorities that your signs were approved.  No more than four signs allowed by Code.  Please remove the signs immediately upon the conclusion of the sale and when the sale is not in progress, i.e. overnight. 

City Hall has "No Parking" signs available.  These are to be posted on the opposite side of the street in front of the home hosting the sale.