City of Clarkson Valley

Other Available Services

VOTER REGISTRATION: Here at City Hall during regular business hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or at the Board of Election, 12 Sunnen Dr., Maplewood, 314-951-0100.  Also, at all St. Louis County Library Branches.

NOTARY PUBLIC SERVICES: During regular business hours at City Hall. There is no charge to the residents of Clarkson Valley.

BICYCLE REGISTRATION: A free permanent registration sticker is placed on the bike and a registration form is filled out. This reduces the number of thefts and provides a means of ID if the bike is stolen or lost. Call St. Louis County Police at their non-emergency number of 636-529-8210 to register your bike.

VACATION CHECKS: The St. Louis County Police Department as a part of the contract with the City of Clarkson Valley, provides Vacation Checks for those residents who are leaving town for more than three days. By calling the precinct number, 314-615-0700, the day before you leave, your home will be checked each day until you return. This is a year-round service provided to all residents upon request.

MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: A newsletter will be distributed with information dealing with the city on a monthly basis.  Call City Hall if you are not receiving a copy.

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS: The dates and times of public hearings will be published in the West Newsmagazine.

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