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March 2002


You may have read a recent news story about a Lafayette area mutual aid agreement.  Regardless, if you did or did not see the story, please read on.  There are eight cities often referred to as the Lafayette area group.  They are Clarkson Valley, Ballwin, Chesterfield, Ellisville, Manchester, Town & Country, Wildwood and Winchester.  Mayors and City Administrators from these communities meet regularly to discuss common issues affecting the region.  We discussed ways in which collaborative measures can be developed to improve services for all citizens in the area.  Should a disaster or an emergency situation occur within a municipality too large for that municipality to handle with its own recourses, assistance is available.  The recently signed mutual aid agreement provides for each of the other cities to contribute equipment, vehicles, facilities and manpower as may be needed and/or requested, to assist with the disaster.  This kind of cooperation is win-win for all of us in this group of cities.  Not only does it preserve municipal autonomy, more importantly it provides more and better protective services for all citizens.  This formalized agreement will also serve as an important tool for municipalities in the event a recouping of costs is available.  When federal financial assistance is provided to an area for disaster relief, an important tool of being eligible for such aid is a formalized mutual aid agreement.  Should it become necessary to file for disaster relief, this agreement becomes an integral component in this recouping of costs process.  I am pleased to have had a part in this agreement and applaud your City Council for their decision to participate.  It shows we are concerned about our surroundings beyond just our own.  And we are willing to work together for the safety of all.


Town Meeting to be Scheduled for Clarkson Road Sound Barrier



A sound wall is a possible alternative to the cement barrier that currently borders Forest Hills.  The Missouri Department of Transportation did a noise study and found that eleven homes along Clarkson Road qualify for 100% funding of a sound barrier wall. Subdivisions on the opposite side of Clarkson may also qualify. A town meeting will be held to discuss the location, color, height, and texture of a wall. Other alternatives to the cement barrier include landscaping and decorative fencing. 

When a meeting with MODOT is arranged, a letter will be sent to all residents with the date, time, and location of the meeting.   No decisions will be made without ample input from residents.


Residential Sewer Lateral Repair Policy and Procedure is Instated

A policy and procedure for the sewer lateral repair program was adopted at the February 5th meeting of the Board of Aldermen. The sewer lateral insurance program passed on November 6, 2001.

A sewer lateral is defined as the portion of pipe that carries household wastes to the MSD sewer main and extends from the building foundation wall or exterior wall to the sewer main in the street or sewer easement.  For those houses with a septic system, the lateral is the portion of pipe between the septic tank and the building foundation or exterior wall. Homeowners will pay a $28.00 fee to be collected on the property tax bills each year. Coverage began on January 1, 2002 and is currently limited to $5,000.

Residents may get a copy of the policy and procedure by calling City Hall (636-227-8607) or by visiting the new “Sewer Lateral Policy and Procedure” link on


New Sign Ordinance Passes

A new ordinance regulating signs in the City was passed at the February 5th meeting of the Board of Aldermen. The ordinance clarifies permit requirements for personal signs and garage sales signs.  There have been some changes to the placement of realtor signs.

If you need information about placing a sign or you are concerned about an existing sign, please call City Hall or visit the new “Sign Ordinance” link on


Sharing of Information Meeting is Held by Subdivision Trustees


On November 14, 2001, Trustees from eight of the City’s subdivisions met at Fru Con to share ideas.  Mayor Scott Douglass was in attendance. Some of the topics discussed included: vendors for repairs and services, street repairs and street sweeping, and retention pond ownership and rights.  Trustees requested comprehensive information regarding the issuance of building permits from the City and asked to be informed of Board of Adjustment decisions that affect their subdivisions.  Another meeting is being considered for May.

 Please Don’t Feed the Deer!

Our City joins many others in the area in experiencing an overabundant deer population.  Although residents enjoy the presence of wildlife on wooded lots, many have voiced complaints regarding the loss of expensive landscaping by foraging deer. Deer have also caused traffic accidents.  Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to this problem.  Relocation has not been successful, and harvesting has not been considered a safe or acceptable option. One suggestion that has been made by many residents is simply to discourage people from feeding the deer. 


Spring 2002 Household Chemical Collection Program

The St. Louis County Department of Health (DOH) is co-sponsoring several one-day collection events with different communities within St. Louis County.  Not all chemicals can be handled the same way, so there will be two kinds of collection events.  The "Household Chemical Recycling Days" will accept only the common household chemicals that can be recycled (paint, motor oil, etc.).  The "Handle With Care Days" will accept both household chemicals that can be recycled and other toxics (pesticides, herbicides, pool chemicals, etc.).  Please call City Hall at 636-227-8607 for the lists of acceptable/unacceptable items and the list of dates and locations.

  Election 2002

A municipal election will be held in the City of Clarkson Valley on Tuesday, April 2, 2002, to elect one Alderperson from each of the three wards, each to serve a two (2) year term.

In Ward 1, Rick Hoffman is challenging incumbent Susan Shea.  Wendell Sittser is running unopposed in Ward 2, and incumbent Mary Ann Gatto is running unopposed in Ward 3.

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