Did you notice a new name on last month’s cover?  Our publisher, Aaron Golchert, introduced a ‘new and improved’ Clarkson Valley Living Magazine.  His stated mission is simple:  We hope to play a small role in helping the community flourish by continuing to produce a private magazine filled with new and special events that take place throughout the month.


The Clarkson Valley Living Magazine is our newsletter and Aaron’s stated mission is in support of our objective for the newsletter: first, providing you, the Clarkson Valley citizen, valuable information in an organized manner; second, it’s a great way to get to know each other by spotlighting kids, families and pets in the community.  There are many different ways to accomplish these goals, but only we, the citizens, can make it special.


So how do we make it special, i.e. more readable, something we will look forward to receiving each month?


Anyone can be involved in the making of this newsletter.  Did your child accomplish something worth writing about?  Would you like to highlight events going on in your neighborhood?  How about spreading the news that one of your neighbors wants to have a “chili cook off” for the neighborhood?  You can use your neighborhood publication to spread the news.  You can even highlight your pets in a section called “Precious Pets”—an opportunity for one family to tell their unique story about their family pet.  The types of articles and stories that appear in the newsletter are truly up to you!


Are these thoughts enough?  What else is important?  You can help with these decisions.  Here’s the invitation:  Join the Clarkson Valley Social Committee.  The committee will consist of citizens wanting to be active within your own neighborhood—provide stories, news items, make decisions on what they would like to see in upcoming issues, etc.  Aaron will schedule the first meeting. The when, what, where to meet, etc. of subsequent meetings will be decided by the group.


So e-mail Aaron at or call City Hall and let’s get the committee going.