December 2005

Mayor’s Corner 

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2006.  For each of us, the New Year comes with some new and some old challenges to be conquered.  And it's the same for your city -- our biggest challenge surrounds our budget.  The city has three basic responsibilities: (1) individual and property safety (police); (2) protection of property values (ordinance regulating size of lots and building permits); (3) environmental protection (trash, recycling, noise and air pollution).  The revenues to support these responsibilities come from your taxes, sales taxes, traffic fines and other miscellaneous taxes.  Our portion of the Missouri sales taxes runs between 40%-45% of our total annual revenues.  These revenues declined in 2002 and 2003 putting a strain on our budget.  However, 2004 sales revenues were 2% higher and our projection for the 2005-2006 Budget of 6% is on target.  With revenues becoming more stable, we must now look for ways to live within these projections.  At the same time, our solid waste carrier (and other carriers as well) is recommending a once a week pickup to replace our current twice-weekly pickup with no change in recyclables or yard waste.  Please be thinking about the possibility of once a week pickup and call your alderperson, city hall, or me with your opinion.  

Update on Deer Control Ordinances 

In October 2004, the Board of Aldermen passed a deer control policy and hunting regulations ordinance allowing hunting on residential properties.  This ordinance allows homeowners to hunt deer on their property using archery devices during the season defined by the Missouri Department of Conservation.  Hunting this season ends January 15, 2006.  This year, 37 deer (34 does, 3 bucks) have been harvested.  Last year, 81 deer were harvested (74 does, 7 bucks).  In both seasons, 27 households participated in such a hunt.  

Update on Sound Walls 

Clarkson Valley remains resolute in its struggle to avoid sound walls on Clarkson Road.  We believe there are alternative ways to address this noise issue.  We have been in litigation with MoDOT since July 2003.  A trial date for the case is currently set for September 11, 2006. 

Notice of Election 

A municipal election will be held in Clarkson Valley on Tuesday, April 4, 2006, to elect one alderperson from each of the three wards, each to serve a two-year term.  In addition, this year, a one-year term for ward 3 alderperson will be on the ballot.  (This is a result of Alderperson Melinda Twichell's resignation.)  Scott Schultz is currently serving in this position. 

The city clerk must receive Declaration of Candidacy for said offices Monday through Friday during regular business hours.  Filing for these offices is now open.  The closing date is 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 17, 2006.   

For additional information, please call the city clerk at 636-227-8607.   

Feeding of Certain Wildlife Prohibited 

Last year upon passage of the deer management ordinance, we became aware of a problem with several residents feeding Canada geese and deer.  The Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance prohibiting the feeding of these animals within the city limits.  The ordinance further states "Any individual wishing to feed all other wild animals shall utilize a feeding container or other feeding device reasonably designed to prevent access to the food substance by Canada Geese and/or White-Tailed Deer."  If you have questions regarding this, please call your ward alderperson or city hall.   

Notary Public and Voter Registration 

The city clerk is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to register voters and to notarize, free of charge, to its residents.   

Budget 2005/2006 

The 2005-2006 Budget may be viewed online by clicking on the “2005-2006 Budget” link on the city’s web site.  A hard copy may be obtained by calling city hall.  Due to budgetary constraints this year the Board voted to eliminate paying up to $50,000 for snow removal reimbursement to the city’s subdivisions.  The Board also discontinued paying for berm maintenance on Clarkson Road.  They are requesting that Forest Hills Club Estates assume that responsibility, which is consistent with city policy that all subdivisions be responsible for their roadways. 

Permits Required for Most Projects 

For most exterior and interior projects, the city requires a building permit.  The majority of contractors contact city hall requesting information, however, there is an occasional contractor that does not.  Several years ago, the city passed an ordinance whereby it can issue a stop work order if it is found that a required building permit was not obtained and upon approval of permit, double the fees.  

The fire district not only issues a stop work order, but also adds a $500 fine to their permit fees.  As a homeowner, it is very important to have an understanding with your contractor who is going to request the permit and pay the fees. 

If you are considering additions or alterations to you home, please consider the following:

·         Building lines for a standard lot (i.e. not fronting two streets, not a pie-shaped lot, etc.) are 75' front yard, 25' side yard, 50' rear yard.

·         Either an architect or engineer, licensed in the State of Missouri, must seal plans.

·         Exterior renovations require four sets of building plans; interior renovations require two sets. 

Budget 2006/2007 

The budget committee met last month and will meet again toward the end of January to discuss next year’s budget.  An item currently being discussed is consideration of once weekly trash removal. 

You may have heard recent news stories regarding municipalities receiving an increase in their general revenues because of the spike in home heating bills.  Most municipalities within the state of Missouri collect between 3% to 10% (the majority collects 5%) from gas, telephone, water, sewer, cable and electric gross revenues.  Our only utility tax gross revenues are from Charter Cable (3%) and AmerenUE (2%). 

New “Welcome” Signs 

The city purchased four new Welcome signs to replace existing signs; two of which were located on Clarkson Road for longer than a dozen years.  Wendell Sittser chaired the committee.  The city received many phone calls from residents sharing their appreciation for the new signs and we would like to pass our thanks to Alderperson Sittser. 

Check the City Web Site 

The agenda for each month’s Board meeting is posted on the web site the weekend before each meeting.  The Minutes of the previous month’s meeting should be posted within a week of the subsequent meeting. 

Trash and Yardwaste 

Please remember that household trash and recyclables should not be placed at the curb any sooner than the morning of the intended pickup date.  Several years ago, the Board passed an ordinance allowing yardwaste to be placed at the curb the night before the intended pickup date, no sooner than 5:00 p.m. 

Storm Water Informational Brochures 

Metropolitan Sewer District has two interesting brochures available at city hall: Keeping Pollutants Out of Storm Water and Yard Waste and Our Environment.  Please call 636-227-8607 if you are interested in receiving a copy.   


We apologize if the name listed on your newsletter is incorrect.  Please call city hall and we will see that it is corrected.