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December 2003


On behalf of all of us involved in your City Government, we extend to you and yours a joyous Holiday Season.

As you read this newsletter, it's obvious the City Council will be making several significant decisions next year.  I encourage you to visit our web site frequently to keep informed.  The Lafayette Mayors Organization* (of which we are a part) has requested its various police chiefs in conjunction with St. Louis County to develop an emergency evacuation plan for the West County area.  Starting with some existing plans, they will develop a basic plan suitable for all cities.  The final product will be a standard uniform evacuation plan for all cities with addendums specific to each particular city.  Thus providing an efficient and effective manner of evacuating one or more cities should a natural or man-made disaster occur.   

Safety note about the Holidays - if you are planning a gathering at your home involving a number of cars being parked on the street, please ask your guests to park on one side only.  Most of our streets are not wide enough for an emergency vehicle to pass through when cars are parked on both sides.  If temporary "no parking" signs would be of assistance, call City Hall - no cost to you. 

Be safe and enjoy the Holiday Season!

*Includes mayors of Ballwin, Chesterfield, Clarkson Valley, Ellisville, Manchester, Town & Country, Wildwood and Winchester.

Sound Wall Law Suit 

At a closed session of the Board of Aldermen on December 2, 2003, a vote was taken to initiate a lawsuit against the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). The lawsuit will not seek any monetary damages, but the lawsuit will seek an injunction to halt the construction of sound walls along Clarkson Road.  Additionally, the lawsuit will request the court to perform an unbiased, independent review of the entire sound wall project. The City believes that MoDOT has not complied with all applicable federal statutes and regulations for sound wall projects. For instance, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation has issued guidelines that require all highway construction projects in which Federal funds are used "assure that possible adverse economic, social, and environmental effects relating to any proposed project on any Federal aid system have been fully considered in developing such project, and that the final decisions on the project are made in the best overall public interest .…” 

The complete October 2002 letter that had been sent to MoDOT outlining these issues can be viewed on the City’s Web site ( by clicking on the link entitled “Sound Wall Letter.”  


A municipal election will be held in the City of Clarkson Valley on Tuesday, April 6, 2004, to elect one Alderperson from each of the three wards, each to serve a two (2) year term. 

Declaration of Candidacy for said offices must be received by the City Clerk, Monday through Friday, during regular business hours.  Filing begins on Tuesday, December 16, 2003 at 9:00 a.m.  The closing date is 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 20, 2004. 

Qualifications require candidates to be at least 21 years of age prior to taking office, a citizen of the United States, an inhabitant of the City for one year prior to their election and a resident of the ward from which they are to be elected. 

For additional information, please call the City Clerk at 636-227-8607. 

Proposed Marquette Entrance 

Rockwood School District has proposed a second entrance to Marquette High School.  Funds for this entrance, which would be located on Kehrs Mill Road west of the current service entrance, were approved by voters in the April bond issue.    

At the December 2 meeting of the Board of Aldermen, representatives from Rockwood explained that the entrance was needed for safety reasons.  In the event that the Clarkson Road entrance was blocked, Rockwood claims that another entrance is needed for emergency vehicles to access the school.  Several residents who live in subdivisions along Kehrs Mill spoke against adding another entrance in this location.  The addition of safety hazards and traffic to Kehrs Mill Road, as well as the deterioration of the area, were cited as objections.  A petition containing 168 signatures was presented to the board.  Other communication was received from 13 residents opposing the entrance and 4 residents in favor of the entrance. 

A motion was passed by the Board requiring that an entrance not be constructed before Kehrs Mill Road is improved in this area by St. Louis County. This issue was tabled until the spring, when Rockwood will present the results of a traffic study.  At that time, the Board will vote on whether or not to approve the entrance. 

Wildlife Committee News 

Alderman Susan Shea attended the November meeting of the West St. Louis County Deer Task Force.  It was the general agreement that communities must work together to control the deer population.  The number of traffic accidents, the extent of property damage, and the deterioration of the natural habitat of birds and other animals were the reasons cited. Municipalities are comparing their ordinances related to hunting and the firing or discharging of firearms and arrows. 

A meeting of the Clarkson Valley Wildlife Committee will be held on Wednesday, December 10 at 5:30 at Fru-Con to discuss changes to City ordinances.  

Architectural Review Board Member Needed 

There is an opening for a resident that is a licensed architect on the Architectural Review Board. According to the City’s code, “The Architectural Board shall inspect and study all plans and specifications for structures accompanying the applications for building permits, and it shall determine whether the proposed structure will conform in styling and architecture with other existing buildings in the area in which it is proposed to be located.”  Please contact City Hall (636-227-8607) if you are interested in this position. 

Spirit of St. Louis Airport Noise Compatibility Study

On November 18, the Study Advisory Committee met to discuss noise abatement alternatives. The information can be found on the web page at If you do not have access to a computer, you can obtain a copy of the pamphlet titled Update Spirit of St. Louis Airport Noise Compatibility Study, Fall 2003 from Michele at City Hall.

Alderman Honora Schiller and resident Dianne Shapiro represent the City of Clarkson Valley on the Citizens Advisory Committee. 

Genesis Proposal Withdrawn 

The Genesis institute has withdrawn its proposal for a new building on the southwest portion of the Fru-Con property (Clayton and Clarkson Roads).  

Doggie Don’ts 

A Clarkson Valley ordinance prohibits residents from allowing animal defecation on public or other people’s private property.  Another ordinance prohibits the continual barking of dogs, which results in a nuisance to others. A third ordinance requires that all pets be secured by leashes and not run at large. Residents should notify the Ballwin police 636-227-9636 of violations of these ordinances.   

Trash Removal Holiday Schedule 

Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on Thursday this season.  Trash that is usually picked up on Thursday will be picked up on Friday; trash that is usually picked up on Friday will be picked up on Saturday. 

Check the City Web Site 

The agenda for each month’s Board meeting is posted on the web site the weekend before each meeting.      

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