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August 2003


Another summer is about over.  School starts August 18 with Labor Day just around the corner.  The City calendar for the rest of this year is full of activities that will directly or indirectly affect all of you.  Please take time to review and become familiar with the following:

For additional information about any of the above, call City Hall. 

It's important your council representative and/or me know your concerns, your feelings about these issues.  There will be public hearing type meetings on each of these as additional information develops so check the City web site for up-dated information.


Spirit of St. Louis Airport 

The noise measurements have been completed for the FAR Part 150 Study.  The information was presented to the Citizens Advisory and Technical Advisory Committees on June 17, 2003.  The FAA defines significant noise exposure as any area within the 65 dB DNL contour, that is the area with an annual average noise exposure of 65 decibels or higher.  The study showed that there are only three houses in the 65 DNL contour and they are located west of the runway.  The 21 houses in the 60 DNL contour and 215 houses in the 55 DNL contour are located in Wildwood and Chesterfield.  For more information on the study, go the airport web site ( 

Alderman Honora Schiller and resident Dianne Shapiro represent the City of Clarkson Valley on the Citizens Advisory Committee. 

Genesis Proposal 

The Genesis institute has indicated they plan to propose a new building on the southwest portion of the Fru-Con property (Clayton and Clarkson Roads).  A formal request to the City's Planning & Zoning committee has not yet been received.  Information provided thus far has within the building the following:  physician suites, ambulatory surgery/imaging, wellness/ fitness center, staff and patient refreshment area (cafe), medical spa, pharmacy, children/family lounge.  When more details are received, they will be posted to our web site including public hearing notices. 

And On This Corner…

A public hearing will be held on August 27 to consider changes in the Citicorps Business Park on the southeast corner of Clarkson and Clayton Roads in Ellisville. The official notice reads, as follows:

“Notice is hereby given that the Planning and Zoning Commission of the City of Ellisville will hold a public hearing at the Ellisville City Hall, #1 Weis Avenue, on Wednesday, August 27, 2003, at 7:00 P.M. to consider the petition of Progress Point LLC to amend various provisions of Chapter 30, Zoning, Section 46, C-4B Zoning District, including, but not limited to, permitted uses in the Citicorp Business Park.  This public hearing is in compliance with Chapter 30, Zoning, of the Municipal Code of the City of Ellisville.” 

Sound Wall Update

The Sound Abatement Committee is made up of the following:  2 benefited residents, 1 resident opposed to the wall, Mayor Scott Douglass, and Alderpersons Melinda Twichell and Honora Schiller.  The committee has been meeting with Karen Yeomans, P.E. from MoDOT to look at options for sound walls in Clarkson Valley.  It was determined that earth berms were not an acceptable option because there wasn’t enough space without removing some of the mature trees.  MoDOT will specify the use of absorptive material on the roadway side of the sound walls to decrease any reflected sound to the opposite end of the road.

MoDOT will hold an open forum from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on September 16 at Marquette High School.  They will show the construction plans and the options for the appearance of the walls to receive input on the appearance of the walls.

Please note that the City maintains its stand opposing the use of extensive sound walls for sound abatement on Clarkson Road.  A letter stating this position was sent to MoDOT in October of 2002. A copy of this letter may be seen by clicking on the “Sound Wall Letter” link on the City’s Web site (   

Lock Up! 

Captain Saulters of the Ballwin Police advises residents to lock cars and close garage doors during the night.  A recent burglary in Kehrs Mill Estates in Ward 1 has prompted increased police patrols in that area. 

2003-2004 Budget 

The 2003-2004 Budget may be viewed online by clicking on the “2003-2004 Budget” link on the City’s web site.  A hard copy may be obtained by calling City Hall. 

Berm Maintenance 

The City has contracted with Greenwood Group for maintenance of the berm.  The lapse of service in the spring by the former landscaper prompted the solicitation of bids from area grounds keeping companies.  Greenwood did a complete cleanup in July and will perform a weekly maintenance. 

Waste Woes Wane 

Increased complaints about Midwest Waste service prompted the City to take action.  Midwest was required to clean streets soiled by a leaking truck.  Payment was withheld for missed pickups.  Pickups along Kehrs Mill Road on Tuesdays and Fridays were rerouted; service now begins in Kehrs Mill Trails and proceeds towards Clarkson Road. These actions have resulted in noticeably fewer calls to City Hall concerning problems with waste service. 

New Ordinance on Yard Waste 

 At the September meeting of the Board of Aldermen, a new ordinance will be voted on that allows residents to place yard waste at the curb after 5:00 p.m. on the night before collection.  Please note that this applies only to yard waste.  According to Section 225.030 of Clarkson Valley’s municipal code, all other trash and recyclable waste should be put out on the morning of the collection day.

Buzz Off! 

Mayor Scott Douglass reported at the July 15th meeting of the Board of Aldermen that St. Louis County Vector Control continues to larvicide for mosquitoes.  Spraying for adult mosquitoes is done when requested by the City.  Residents with mosquito complaints should report them promptly to the City.

 Please Check Your Bills 


An alert resident informed the City that he had noticed that his electric bill was assigning the utility tax he was paying to Chesterfield instead of Clarkson Valley, since that was indicated on his address.  He called Ameren and notified them of the error.  Every little bit helps our City balance its budget!

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