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August 2001


Summer is rapidly coming to an end. School has started - a few hot days are about all that's left. Soon those north winds with cold and brisk air will be upon us. A reminder, if you still have construction projects to be completed or yet to start on a new one, don't forget your building permit. Yes, for home additions, decks, most retaining walls, almost any construction requires a building permit. There are other permits that also may be required, electrical, plumbing, etc. These permits include guidelines on where certain structures can be located on your property as well as other building code requirements. These ordinances and code restrictions are designed for your individual protection, your property values and your neighbor's property value protection. So whenever you are considering any construction projects call City Hall early on in the process. We will work with you to ensure all necessary steps as quickly as possible. If you are already into a project and have not obtained the appropriate permits, call us; it's best to be late then not at all.

Clarkson Valley is "Online"!!

Check it out!! The address is Basic information on the City, schedules for meetings and trash pick-up, traffic court information, the City's budget, Board minutes, newsletters and common application forms are all accessible online. Alderperson Mary Ann Gatto is the Webmaster.

Residential Sewer Lateral Repair Program on November Ballot

At the August Board meeting a motion was passed to place the residential sewer lateral repair program on the November ballot. Although the proposition failed in the spring, Alderperson Melinda Twichell asserted that many residents may not have understood the program. If the proposition passes, homeowners will pay an annual $28.00 fee to be collected on the property tax bill. Repair coverage would be initially limited to $5,000.

The following are excerpts from the St. Louis County Web site ( "What is a sewer lateral?

"What is the purpose of the program?

Swing Sets

Clarkson Valley ordinances require that swing sets must be placed within a property's building envelope. Setbacks for a standard yard are the following: the front yard setback is 100 feet from the street, the back yard setback is 50 feet from the back property line, and each side yard setback is 25 feet from the side property line. Corner houses have front yard (75 feet) setbacks from each street. This means that a play set must be at least 75 feet from any street, at least 50 feet from the back property line and at least 25 feet from either side property line. If you are not sure of your building envelope, you can check your site plan or the subdivision plat plan or call City Hall.

A resident who wishes to place a swing set outside of the building envelope must apply for a variance from the Board of Adjustment. Clarkson Valley enforces this ordinance on citizen complaints. If you have any questions on this ordinance, please call City Clerk Michele McMahon at 636-227-8607.

Airport Noise

Alderperson Honora Schiller represents Clarkson Valley on the Spirit of St. Louis Airport Community Committee. This committee was formed by County Executive Buzz Westfall and meets regularly to discuss issues pertaining to noise and community relations. This is an interim committee until the FAA Noise Compatibility Study begins later this year. The following is taken from a letter written to Alderperson Schiller from Richard Hrabko, Director of Aviation for St. Louis County. The complete letter can be found on the Clarkson Valley Web site under the link Airport Information.

The Airport would like residents who experience loud or low-flying aircraft to call and file a complaint on the Airport's dedicated "complaint line." These reports are valuable in identifying areas of repeated noise impacts and will be evaluated during the study process. Aircraft fly over Clarkson Valley every day not only from Spirit but other regional airports, such as Lambert Field. Residents are asked to call in only those aircraft that are unusually loud or low. Residents are asked to use the following procedure when reporting loud or low-flying aircraft: Call 314-223-8737 and state your name, address, phone number, time of the occurrence, and a brief summary of the complaint.

Your call will be logged by Airport Management Services Inc., an independent consultant. A follow up procedure is in place. You may call in the report at any time; however, it is very important that the actual time of the occurrence be stated as accurately as possible.

Your complaints will be posted at the end of each month on the Airport Web Site at

Residents who have questions or comments about the Airport can call the Airport directly at 636-532-2222 or e-mail them at

Monthly Meeting Signs

Signs reminding residents of the meeting of the Board of Aldermen will be placed each month at subdivision entrances. The meeting is the first Tuesday of each month. If there are not enough Aldermen to constitute a quorum, the meeting may be postponed. A schedule of upcoming meetings can be found on the Clarkson Valley Web site.

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