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April 2001


You are always invited to attend our regularly scheduled council meetings, the first Tuesday of each month. However, for our May Meeting we are extending a special invitation to all citizens to come meet the new Alderpersons, perhaps the older ones, too. We will have refreshments - perhaps Tippin's pies! This "Open House" will give all of us a chance to visit about City concerns and enjoy the fellowship. Now that 2001 appears to be a year with only three seasons or is Spring reduced to a week only. With the advent of this warm weather many of us will be getting out those plans from previous years to build that new deck or maybe this is the year for the swimming pool or whatever. If you are one of these families, please read the paragraph PERMITS. City ordinances are for the protection of your property values. So let us help you make these changes an easy as possible while maintaining the integrity of your property.

Open House

The residents of Clarkson Valley are invited to attend the Board of Aldermen meeting to be held at 7:30 p.m. on May 1, 2001 at the Fru-Con Center. Mayor Douglass will introduce the new Aldermen and City Attorney. Refreshments will be served.

Election Results

A municipal election was held in the City of Clarkson Valley on Tuesday, April 4, 2001, to elect one Alderperson from each of the three wards. The results of the election are as follows: Ward 1: Jim Sharpe; Ward 2: Honora Schiller; Ward 3: Melinda Twichell. Each will serve a two (2) year term.

Trash Removal Woes

Residents have been complaining about problems with the current trash hauler this past year. Numerous citizens have called City Hall and have appeared at meetings to state their grievances. Since the current contract expires at the end of May, the City has requested bids from several companies and will be contracting with a different company.

Updating Database

Spring is in the air and the City would like to "clean-up" its current database of residents. Please check the addressee on this newsletter and call City Hall at 227-8607 to report any corrections. Thank you!

Permits, Please!

If you are planning alterations to your home, your first step may be to apply for the correct permit at City Hall. Any changes within building lines require a permit and changes made outside building lines may require appearance before the Board of Adjustments. If you are not sure whether a permit is needed, please call City Hall at 227-8607.

Clarkson Valley Grows!

Unofficial results of the 2000 Census are in: Clarkson Valley's population has grown from 2604 in 1990 to 2675 in 2000. Residents are to be congratulated for cooperating with the Census takers and providing a complete and accurate count. The result is that our City will receive its share of public funds that are allocated on the basis of census-based formulae

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