Minutes of March 2007 Meeting
Board of Aldermen


Meeting of the Board of Aldermen of the City of Clarkson Valley at City Hall (Fru-Con Center), March 6, 2007.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. A roll call was taken with the following results:




Mayor Scott Douglass 


Alderperson Susan Shea

Ward 1


Alderperson Jim Meyer

Ward 1


Alderperson Honora Schiller

Ward 2

Alderperson Wendell Sittser Ward 2     

Alderperson Scott Schultz

Ward 3

Alderperson Paul Young Ward 3

Also in Attendance:

City Attorney: Patrick Butler
City Clerk: Michele McMahon 

Alderperson Schultz made a motion to accept the Minutes.  Alderperson Schiller seconded the motion.  A voice vote was taken with an affirmative result and the motion was declared passed. 


Mr. Frank Hodgdon III, a resident of Forest Hills Club Estate and serves as Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission stated he was disturbed by the decimation of trees at the former CitiMortgage property in the city of Ellisville.  He further stated that for a city that prides itself on the honor of being known as a Tree City, they have a peculiar way of going about it. 


Ballwin Police Report:  Captain Schicker presented the February Police Report.  Mayor Douglass stated that he asked Captain Schicker if the police cars carry defibrillators, to which Captain Schicker explained that all 6 sector cars have them.  They received them by a grant approximately four years ago.  Officers receive annual training on their proper use.  The Captain went on to explain how an officer was called to Forest Hills Country Club as first response to a golfer who appeared to be going into cardiac arrest.  The officer used the defibrillator, saving the golfer who happened to be a retired police officer from another state.  He made a full recovery. 

Mayor’s Report 

Court Report:  The total amount collected for traffic fines and court costs for the month of February 2007 was $14,451.25. 

Newsletter Update:  Mayor Douglass said he met with the N2 Publishing staff last month.  He asked the Board Members to take another look at the Cottleville Newsletter, which is in City Hall.  He said we were promised we would receive a mock-up copy or draft of our articles sometime before March 20.  He mentioned that copies of the unedited articles were e-mailed to them and asked the Board to read them to see if they had any other ideas.   

Mayors of Small Cities:  Mayor Douglass said he attended the February meeting of the Mayors of Small Cities and as Treasurer, gave the January report.  An ex-police officer from Glendale gave an interesting presentation on identity theft.  The Mayor came home with the following advice – shred everything!  Captain Schicker explained how the various entities help in these crises.   

Downed Trees from January Ice Storm:  Mayor Douglass said he spoke with St. Louis County Highway Department who promised to rid Kehrs Mill Road of the tree debris in the right-of-way.  Flagmen will be included as a key element of the project. 

Soundwall:  Mayor Douglass said we need to send an e-mail to MoDOT about the sound wall’s texture.  He also said he received a response from MoDOT that the concrete barrier will remain in place.   

MSD – Sanitary Sewer Upgrade:  Mayor Douglass said he received word that the contract for the sanitary sewers going from west of the city to Clarkson Road was awarded to George Butler. 

Alderpersons' Reports 

Kehrs Mill Road Widening:  Alderperson Meyer asked when Kehrs Mill Road would be widened to which Mayor Douglass responded 2008.  He also said he received a call regarding the tree limbs on Kehrs Mill Road. 

Emergency Entrance Misuse:  Alderperson Meyer shared a personal observation.  He said that at 3:00 p.m. on a school day, he saw a small Honda, obviously a Marquette student, egressing from the parking lot via the emergency entrance, onto Kehrs Mill Road.  Through discussion, the City Attorney said it might be time to come up with a definition of emergency entrance.  

Tree Limbs Remaining at Curb:  Alderperson Shea asked if there was anything that could be done about the limbs that remain at the curbs of many homes even though the storm was five to six weeks ago?  Alderperson Schultz explained that in his subdivision, he has given additional time to those with limbs because the weather has been extremely bad.  Alderperson Shea reiterated that she would like to see this mess cleaned up.   

Notices for Zoning Issues:  Alderperson Schiller stated there is no good way to serve notice of an impending zoning issue to residents possibly affected by the outcome of the hearing.  City Attorney, Patrick Butler stated that many cities post signage indicating a hearing date and the nature of the rezoning.  The Chairman, Frank Hodgdon, said that notices are published in the paper two weeks in advance.  Mary Shapiro agreed to place something in the Chesterfield Journal, fairly generic.  It was also mentioned the notice should be place on the front page of the Clarkson Valley website. 

Building Commissioner:  Alderperson Schiller asked if Russ Todd was still performing the duties of the building commissioner, to which Mayor Douglass responded affirmatively.  He said we are actively seeking a replacement. 

City Attorney’s Report 

City Attorney, Patrick Butler, gave an update on the music store and the group home.  He stated that regarding the soundwall; we are at the end of the line.  MoDOT attorneys can file one more response, but we cannot reply.    


Newsletter Update:  Mayor Douglass gave an update of the newsletter stating that residents can place free ads by going to their website, www.n2pub.com  There will be articles regarding City Information, Subdivision Information, School Calendar, Favorite Recipes, Precious pets, Family Showcase and a Business Beat. 


There was no new business.    

Audit:  Alderperson Shea made a motion, seconded by Alderperson Sittser to have invoices in the amount of $84,609.70 approved for payment.  A voice vote was taken with a unanimous affirmative result and the motion was declared passed.   

Alderperson Sittser made a motion for the Board of Aldermen of Clarkson Valley to hold a Closed Hearing pursuant to RSMo 610.22(2) legal ramifications and RSMo 610.22(1) personnel matters upon adjournment of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Aldermen, seconded by Alderperson Meyer.  A voice vote was taken with a unanimous affirmative result and the motion was declared passed.   

The Regular Meeting of the Board of Aldermen adjourned at 8:10 p.m.


Scott Douglass, Mayor


ATTEST:  Michele McMahon, City Clerk

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