Minutes of August 2004 Meeting
Board of Aldermen


Meeting of the Board of Aldermen of the City of Clarkson Valley at City Hall (Fru-Con Center), August 3, 2004.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. A roll call was taken with the following results:




Mayor Scott Douglass



Alderperson Susan Shea

Ward 1


Alderperson Jim Sharp

Ward 1

Alderperson Honora Schiller

Ward 2

Alderperson Wendell Sittser Ward 2    

Alderperson Melinda Twichell 

Ward 3

Alderperson Walt Mixson Ward 3

Also in Attendance:

City Attorney: Patrick Butler
City Clerk: Michele McMahon 

A motion was made by Alderperson Sharp to accept the Minutes.  Alderperson Schiller seconded the motion.  A voice vote was taken with a unanimous affirmative result and the motion was declared passed.


Mrs. Janet Young, a resident of Kehrs Mill Trails spoke regarding the deer issue.  She said she believes the shooting of deer is "very risky business" and is thoroughly opposed to it.  She feels that if a hunt does take place, she would like the citizens to be notified.  She mentioned placing signage as one way to inform the residents.  Then speaking for her husband, she stated that not only should the residents be informed, but also the media.  Mayor Douglass reminded Mrs. Young, that as a subdivision Trustee, she came to the City at the end of last year asking for our involvement with an overpopulation of deer.   

Mr. Lou Salomone, President of Suburban Bowhunters, spoke by saying that if their group were chosen to help cull the deer population, they would do it in such a manner as to eliminate the problems that have been heretofore mentioned at previous meetings.  He then explained the process his group uses and handed out copies of the various forms their organization utilizes.  Mr. Larry Simmons, also a member of Suburban Bowhunters, introduced himself and said that their organization's insurance has a one million dollar policy and names the homeowner as "Additional Insured" on the policy.  

There were questions for Mr. Salomone and Mr. Simmons, the first being from Alderperson Sharp who asked if there were fees attached to a hunt.  Mr. Salomone responded they do not charge.  Alderperson Sharp asked if the Missouri Department of Conservation (MoDOC) certifies the group's members or do they offer accreditation?  Mr. Simmons responded that MoDOC offers neither certification nor accreditation but their group is attempting to move them in that direction.  Alderperson Schiller asked if they always hunt from higher ground and shoot downward?  Mr. Salomone answered that ninety (90) percent of the shots are taken within twenty (20) yards and shot into the deer's chest cavity.  He explained that during a typical hunt, they arrive at the property around 3:00 p.m. to position themselves in a tree and wait for dusk.  Alderperson Sittser asked if there were other neighboring municipalities they service?  Mr. Salomone responded that they have assisted Chesterfield, unincorporated St. Louis County, Wildwood, and Maryland Heights - in the bottoms area.  Alderperson Sittser then asked if one deer were taken out by arrow, would that deter the rest of the herd from returning to the property?  Mr. Salomone responded that a deer cannot see an arrow being shot from a tree.  If a deer were to collapse next to the herd, they would not know if it died from natural causes. 

From those attending came a question from Vicky Bolger, a resident of Kehrs Mill Trails Subdivision, who asked what their procedure was when one required tracking a deer to other properties?  Mr. Salomone answered that he likes to obtain the homeowner's permission.  He commented, however, indicating the Members of the Board of Aldermen, that it is up to everyone here to set those parameters.  He further stated that if someone does not want the hunter to ingress their property, they would make note of that and mark the property.  Mrs. Laurie Engleman, also a resident of Kehrs Mill Trails, stated that in her opinion one million dollars is not enough to replace a life.  Mr. Salomone said that of the seventy-six archery-related injuries reported to have occurred in the U.S. last year, all were self-inflicted (i.e. falling out of trees, etc.).   

Alderperson Mixson asked what percentage of the deer in this area could be culled?  To which Mr. Salomone replied twenty-five (25) percent.  Alderperson Mixson commented that it appears that this would is an ongoing project.  Alderperson Shea interjected that in her research, she has found that the successful cities do have this as an ongoing project.  Alderperson Schiller asked if the archery season closes a few weeks in the fall.  Mr. Salomone responded that technically it does.  He said a deer brought in during gun season must be brought in on a gun permit.   

Mrs. Engleman brought up the deer survey stating that she did not receive one and neither did anyone else she spoke with.  She said if we were counting on the information gathered from that, it should not be considered reliable.  She then stated her opinion that MoDOC did not handle the previous hunt well and she would hope this next hunt would not be put back in their jurisdiction.  She said if the City does allow hunting, she does not think opening the whole season to hunting is a good idea.  She concluded by saying that she is all for the most humane way of killing and that she would also like to know when hunters are in her neighborhood. 

Dr. Doug Pernikoff was then called upon to speak about the most humane means of euthanasia.  He introduced himself by saying he has been a veterinarian for twenty-five years and trained at the zoo.  He has worked internationally in Uganda and Kenya.  He has seen animals killed by blowpipe, crossbows and rifles.  He said if one has to hunt, the best way in his opinion is to hunt by rifle with a scope using professional hunters.  He said he believes the deer move toward safety and that by using rifles the deer may be pushed away.  His concluding suggestion was that a long-term hunt with assessment from a biologist would be the best solution.  He volunteered his services and said this should not be made into a war, but rather that this is an issue that should be resolved together. 

Mayor Douglass said that as soon as information is available, we would get it to the Alderpersons.


Ballwin Police Report:  Captain Rick Wise disseminated the Police Summary for July 2004.  Mayor Douglass informed those present that Captain Wise was retiring toward the end of the month.  He thanked him for the years of service he provided our City and said that Captain Wise will be missed. 

Mayor's Report:

Court Report:  The total amount collected for traffic fines and court costs for the month of July 2004 was $16,677.26.  Alderperson Schiller asked if that amount reflects the new traffic fine amounts to which Mayor Douglass responded that the new rates did not go into effect until August 1st and that he did not expect to notice an increase for a few more months. 

Building Commissioners - Past and Present:  Mayor Douglass reported that the files from Norman Fott's office were turned over to the City and all records previously held by Mr. Fott were considered either closed or were turned over to the new Building Commissioner, Jim Poelker.  There were no additional charges for that turnover.  Mayor Douglass said he was able to spend some time with the new Building Commissioner and felt we got off to a good start.

Alderpersons’ Reports

            Random Misses - Garbage Collection:  Alderperson Sittser reported that there appeared to be random misses with the garbage collection in his neighborhood, both trash and recycling.  All misses were responded to when reported, he said.  

Solicitation:  Alderperson Twichell mentioned the solicitors that came to her neighborhood recently and would like to see an article in the Newsletter stating that when confronted by a solicitor, the homeowners should call the police department. 

Weeds Behind Barrier:  Alderperson Twichell reported that she received complaints about the weeds along Clarkson Road and asked whose responsibility it is to maintain that area?  Mayor Douglass said he would ask the residents living behind the barrier if they mind if the weeds are sprayed with "Roundup". 

Not a Deer Problem - Geese Problem:  Alderperson Twichell said she received a complaint that some of our residents are feeding the geese.  She mentioned that Forest Hills Country Club purchased a border collie to help eliminate the problem, but that tends to move the unwanted geese to other areas. 

Court Clerk Requires Updated Computer:  Alderperson Twichell reported that the Court Clerk would require a new computer.  She said that $1,000 was budgeted for this computer; however, we are finding that a basic computer will not do because of the parameters supplied by REJIS.  She recommended that the City spend the money necessary to ensure the ability to work with REJIS in the years to come. 

Airport Noise:  Alderperson Schiller reported that the Spirit of St. Louis Airport FAR Part 150 Citizens Advisory and Technical Advisory Committees met June 16 and discussed abatements and alternatives.  The result of this study is posted at the website, sus.airportnetwork.com.  She reported that one of the next steps is to ask the Planning and Zoning Committees of Chesterfield and Wildwood to rezone those properties in the 60 DNL range (Day/Night Average Sound Level) to non-residential. 

Reducing the Number of Trash Pickup Days:  Alderperson Sharp reported that after last month's meeting, he held informal conversations with neighbors regarding decreasing trash pickup to one day a week.  He said his neighbors were willing to spend the money if need be, but they were not interested in diminished service.

City Attorney’s Report 

Patrick Butler gave an update on the sound wall issue by saying the Federal Highway Administration instructed the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to put the sound wall project on hold.  He said we would not see anything on Clarkson Road at least through September of next year. 


Deer Issue:  Mayor Scott Douglass asked if there were further discussion on the deer issue?  Alderperson Schiller asked, "If someone wants a hunter on their property, can we have them contact City Hall with an agreement, signed by the neighbors - not necessarily that the neighbors agree with the hunt, just that they are aware a hunt is scheduled to take place?"  City Attorney, Patrick Butler said it is something we can do, but we would have to research it.  He reminded the Board that last year we chose not to do that in order to keep the City out of it. 

Alderperson Schiller said she would like to see signage placed indicating a hunt.  She said that somehow the residents of the subdivision should be informed when a hunt is scheduled.  She further stated her opinion that all subdivisions should be considered for a hunt.   

Fireplaces:  Mayor Douglass asked the Board Members to check their packets for the fireplace "straw man".  Through conversation it was determined that Board Members wanted to regulate fireplaces for safety reasons and for that of aesthetics.  Mr. Darryl Brody, the Chairman of the Board of Adjustment and a subdivision trustee president, asked if the City was going to grandfather existing units?  Alderperson Schiller brought up the use of affidavits the City initiated when rewriting the fence ordinance several years ago.  Alderperson Sharp stated that bump-outs should require more stringent approval by the Architectural Review Committee.  Mayor Douglass said he would talk to the chairman, Mike Altepeter. 

Occupancy Permits:  After some discussion and knowing the Alderpersons conducted informal polls with their neighbors, it was determined that they do not desire this type of regulation.  



A motion was made by Alderperson Twichell to introduce and pass Resolution No. 04-04.  Alderperson Schiller seconded the motion.  Mayor Douglass read the Resolution for the first time.  A voice vote was taken with a unanimous, affirmative result and the Resolution passed.  

Audit:  Alderperson Shea made a motion, seconded by Alderperson Sharp to have invoices in the amount of $80,757.06 approved for payment.  A voice vote was taken with a unanimous affirmative result and the motion was declared passed. 

Alderperson Shea made a motion for the Board of Aldermen of Clarkson Valley to hold a closed meeting immediately after the adjournment of the regular open meeting to discuss matters falling under the provisions of RSMo Section 610.021, paragraph 1 regarding possible legal action.  Alderperson Twichell seconded the motion. 

Alderperson Twichell made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Alderperson Shea.  A voice vote was taken with a unanimous affirmative result and the motion was declared passed.  The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Scott Douglass, Mayor

ATTEST: Michele McMahon, City Clerk

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