City of Clarkson Valley

Minutes of April 2004 Meeting
Board of Aldermen


Meeting of the Board of Aldermen of the City of Clarkson Valley at City Hall (Fru-Con Center), April 6, 2004.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. A roll call was taken with the following results:




 Mayor Scott Douglass



Alderperson Jim Sharp

Ward 1


Alderperson Susan Shea

Ward 1


Alderperson Honora Schiller

Ward 2


Alderperson Wendell Sittser Ward 2    

Alderperson Mary Ann Gatto

Ward 3


Alderperson Melinda Twichell  Ward 3 

Also in Attendance:

City Attorney: Patrick Butler
City Clerk: Michele McMahon 

Alderperson Twichell made a motion to accept the Minutes, seconded by Alderperson Gatto. A voice vote was taken with a unanimous affirmative result and the motion was declared passed. 


Deer Hunt:  Mr. Harvey Phillips, a resident of Kehrs Mill Trails, thanked the Members of the Board of Aldermen for allowing the Missouri Department of Conservation to hold a controlled deer hunt, which took place in March and requested the Board Members to consider allowing hunts this coming fall and again next spring.  Mrs. Lois Crocker, a Kehrs Mill Trails resident, thanked the Alderpersons for allowing her to sponsor a hunt on her property.  Mr. Doug Adams, President of Trustees of Kehrs Mill Trails, spoke in favor of the hunt.  His son-in-law was granted permission by the Missouri Department of Conservation to shoot at deer on the Adams' property, harvesting a total of six. 

Mrs. Vicki Bolger would like the City to alert its residents when a hunt is scheduled to take place in her neighborhood by postcards, signs, or other means.  Jack and Diana Hauser, both of Kehrs Mill Trails, spoke against the hunt.  Mr. Hauser wished something had been placed in the Missouri Department of Conservation's rules for this hunt to ensure better control.  He further stated the City erred by not informing its citizens. 

Laurie Engleman read a letter/petition (attached) she sent to approximately one hundred households in the Kehrs Mill Trails subdivision.  Mrs. Janet Young echoed the statements made in Mrs. Engleman's letter and stated the Missouri Department of Conservation's sponsored hunt showed a "total lack of control".  She concluded by saying the hunt bears huge safety and liability issues.

Sound Abatement:  Mr. Larry Cardinale, of Forest Hills Club Estates, asked what Clarkson Valley's intent is for noise abatement on Clarkson Road?  Mr. Hugh Black of the Westhampton Subdivision asked the same question. 

Lake Matters Twixt Two Subdivisions:  Mr. Doug Adams explained that he received a letter from representatives of the Kingspointe Subdivision that states they no longer desire to be responsible for maintaining the lake that lies between the two subdivisions.  He gave a brief history of past litigation and the agreement that followed.  He concluded by asking the City to help mediate this matter.

Mayor Douglass addressed the three above issues by saying:

·  Regarding the hunt, he reported that it ended March 23rd and there has been no action taken by Members of the Board beyond this point.   

·  Regarding noise abatement, he said we are attempting to inform our Missouri State Representatives of rubberized asphalt, which diminishes the noise by 50% at a cost 50% lower than that of the proposed sound wall.   

·  Regarding the lake issue, the City is attempting to set a date whereby the two concerned parties can meet.  This will probably take place early next month. 


Ballwin Police Report: Captain Rick Wise disseminated the Police Summary for March 2004.  He mentioned there were five individuals apprehended for DWI this month in our city. 

Mayor's Report:

Court Report:  The total amount collected for traffic fines and court costs for the month of March 2004 was $16,955.69.

Request For Proposal - Police Contract:  Mayor Douglass reported the City received proposals from Ballwin and Chesterfield and he is expecting one from St. Louis County by the end of this month. The Board will make a recommendation at the May meeting. 

Wanted - Building Commissioner:  He reported that he and Alderpersons Schiller and Sittser interviewed someone for the position of Building Commission and it looks favorable that we will be hiring someone this month. 

St. Johns Mercy West Medical Office Building:  He mentioned the Discovery Group's proposal and stated this would be discussed later in tonight's meeting. 

Alderpersons’ Reports

Wildlife Management Committee Report:  Alderperson Shea reported that she attended the West St. Louis County Deer Task Force meeting with the Missouri Department of Conservation.  She said the survey that she mentioned at the February Board Meeting was randomly mailed to request residents' attitudes about deer control.  She said of 5,600 questionnaires that were mailed, 41% were returned.  The results are due in June. 

She said that the former Mayor of Town & Country attended the Deer Task Force meeting and shared his city's tribulations with their trap and relocation program.  He said a lot of deer died in the process and he felt their program did not work. 

Planning & Zoning Hearing:  Alderperson Shea said she attended a Planning & Zoning Hearing.  Frank Hodgdon, Planning & Zoning Chairman, will give a report later in the meeting.


At 8:00 p.m. the city clerk, Michele McMahon read the Notice of Public Hearing.  As Chairman of the Planning & Zoning Commission, Mr. Frank Hodgdon explained that the hearing was to consider a proposal to subdivide lot 2 of the Fru-Con property into two (2) lots, one of which carries a proposal for a medical office building.  In addition to that, they considered the preliminary site development plans from the Discovery Group.  The Commission's duty, he explained, is to make a recommendation regarding both proposals to the Board of Aldermen.  Mr. Hodgdon explained that the Commission first considered the proposal of subdividing the lot and there were two concerns that arose from the meeting:

(1) If the Board agrees to split the 10-1/2 acre lot into two and the proposed medical office building is to be located on a 3-1/2 acre parcel, could the remaining lot be further split at a later time?  He explained that a 1-3/4 acre-to-2 acre buffer is required at the northwest corner of the lot.  He said that given that required buffer and respective seventy-five (75) foot and fifty (50) foot setback requirements, it would be impossible to split the remaining lot and locate two buildings.  He concluded by saying the Commission Members felt the Discovery Group had a reasonable request and their recommendation was for Aldermanic approval. 

(2) The Commission Members felt by using the "C" Office District Zoning there could be problems.  The Chairman recommended that the Board of Aldermen consider a new definition of medical office district.  He said the petitioner volunteered to come up with new language.  He also recommended that a definition for ancillary use regarding the pharmacy and the potential sale of eyeglasses be incorporated into the new zoning change.  The Public Hearing closed at 8:25 p.m.

Alderpersons’ Reports - Continued

Term Sadly at a Close:  Alderperson Gatto thanked the City for allowing her to serve.  Mayor Douglass asked her to come to the next meeting in order to honor her service.  He explained that the City would be holding an Open House (with Tippins pies).  He went on to say that it has been a real joy to work with Mary Ann.  She created the web site, the quarterly newsletter and always saw that the berm was properly maintained.  He concluded by saying we will all miss her.  There was a round of applause.


Rockwood School District's Presentation of Requested Information Regarding the Proposed Entrance to Marquette High School off Kehrs Mill Road:  Mr. Jim Glenn, Program Manager for the Rockwood School District Bond issue project, described the district's attempt to install a second means of ingress/egress from Marquette High School.  He introduced Dr. Craig Larson; Superintendent; Mr. Dennis Griffin, Assistant Superintendent Administrative Services; Mr. Arthur Floyd, Glen Construction Company; Mr. Doug Shatto, P.E., PTOE, President of Crawford, Bunte, Brammeier (CBB); and Steve Skusick, EDM Incorporated (Architectural firm for the proposal).  He reminded the Board Members that six questions arose from the December 2003 meeting where their request was first made, and they were present tonight to respond to these questions.

(1) Mr. Shatto explained the traffic study that was contained in the Alderperson's packet.  He described the safety issue involved and the importance of having two ways into the high school and two ways out.  He stated the purpose of the study was to determine the amount of traffic that would use the new driveway, whether the proposed driveway would have an adverse impact on Kehrs Mill Road, and whether the diversion of traffic to the proposed driveway would have any positive or negative impacts on Clarkson Road, particularly at the intersection with Country Ridge Drive.  Questions were asked of and answered by Mr. Shatto.  He stated that CBB was not recommending signalization.  Alderperson Twichell stated that in her opinion, if the Board were to approve this project, it would only be with a signal.  Alderperson Shea agreed.  Mr. Shatto spoke about the driveway being built with pavement stones for emergency vehicles only.  He concluded by stating his recommendation as proposed in the study that a second entrance to the high school be provided on Kehrs Mill Road at such time that St. Louis County's proposed improvements to Kehrs Mill Road are completed.  The driveway would be able to operate efficiently and safely without adversely affecting motorists along Kehrs Mill Road and it would significantly improve operating conditions along Clarkson Road.  In addition, the proposed entrance would improve access for emergency vehicles and provide an alternative means of access for the school site.   

Mayor Douglass stated his concern with the traffic study because it does not incorporate data regarding potential traffic on Kehrs Mill Road when St. Louis County Highways and Traffic Department completes the Long Road/Kehrs Mill Road improvements.  Alderperson Shea interjected her concern that CBB took into consideration the people on Clarkson Road and the student population - but appears to be disregarding the 280 vehicles traversing Kehrs Mill Road during the typical two peak periods mentioned in the study.

(2) Mr. Arthur Floyd disseminated one copy of letters from various emergency entities, i.e. Metro-West, Ballwin Police, etc., which stated their opinion that a second entrance would be considered a positive aspect.

(3) A site plan was placed upon an easel for public view (but not disseminated) showing the proposed location of the driveway.  A Board Member asked the question who was coordinating this?  Three names were mentioned affiliated with St. Louis County Highways and Traffic Department:  Dan Nauenbraun, Stephanie Lehan, and Lou Nienkamp.

(4) Mr. Glenn assured the Board Members that this project would not go forward until the St. Louis County Highways and Traffic Department completes their improvements to Kehrs Mill Road. 

He also stated they would take the responsibility of building a box culvert for the creek.  They reiterated their request to build now using grass pavers.  The entrance would have locked gates at two locations.  It would be limited to emergency vehicles until the County does the improvements.  Alderperson Sittser asked when they propose this project would begin?  To which they responded "right away - late spring".

(5) He stated that if the Board mandates a signal, they would do that as well. 

(6) He stated assurance that Marquette High School would not build another parking lot.

Alderperson Shea read a letter written February 9, 1994 to Dennis Peterson regarding a resolution that stated the City of Clarkson Valley's position regarding a second means of ingress/egress from the main parking lot onto Kehrs Mill Road.  She then read the response dated February 13, 1994 stating Dr. Peterson's promise to adhere to our request. 

Alderperson Gatto made a motion stating, based on the safety aspects, I would like the Board to approve the emergency entrance recommended by the Crawford, Bunte, Brammeier traffic study and subject to the provisions made by the study.  A locked gate will be installed to prevent public use until the St. Louis County Highways and Traffic Department concludes its improvements to Kehrs Mill Road.  Another traffic study will be undertaken if deemed appropriate by the City to determine if a signal is necessary.  Alderperson Sharp seconded the motion.  A roll call vote was taken, with the following results.  Ayes:  Gatto, Schiller, Sharp and Twichell.  Nays:  Shea and Sittser.  Whereupon Mayor Douglass declared that the recommendation for an emergency entrance passed by a vote of 4-2.


St. Johns Mercy West Medical Office Building:  Alderperson Gatto made a motion to subdivide lot 2 of the Fru-Con property into two lots, contingent upon the passing of an ordinance with new language for medical office building and ancillary use.   Alderperson Sittser seconded the motion.  A voice vote was taken with a unanimous affirmative result and the motion was declared passed.


A motion was made by Alderperson Twichell to introduce and pass Bill No. 0273.  Alderperson Sharp seconded the motion.  Mayor Douglass read Bill No. 0273 for the first time and explained that this was passed last year by State legislators but was held up until now due to litigation.  Mayor Douglass read Bill No. 0273 for the second time.  A roll call vote was taken, with the following results.  Ayes:  Gatto, Schiller, Sharp, Shea, Sittser and Twichell.  Whereupon Mayor Douglass declared that Bill No. 0273 as having passed and is now Ordinance 04-03. 

Audit:  Alderperson Twichell made a motion seconded by Alderperson Gatto to have invoices in the amount of $76,335.52 approved for payment.  A voice vote was taken with a unanimous affirmative result and the motion was declared passed.

Mrs. Laurie Engleman requested that the Board consider allowing her veterinarian to speak at our next meeting to discuss the possibility of neutering.  Mayor Douglass said that would fall under the proviso of Alderperson Shea's committee.

Alderperson Twichell made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Alderperson Sharp.  A voice vote was taken with a unanimous affirmative result and the motion was declared passed.  The meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.


Scott Douglass, Mayor

ATTEST: Michele McMahon, City Clerk

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