Your Rights in the City of Clarkson Valley Municipal Court

1.      You have the right to be advised of the charges against you.

2.      You have a right to be informed of the penalties which can range from a fine of $1.00 to $1,000 and/or up to 90 days in the County jail.

3.      You have a right to retain an attorney of your own choosing, and, if you need a continuance for that purpose, it will be granted to you upon request.  If you cannot afford an attorney, you have the right to petition the Court for an indigency hearing, and, upon a finding of indigency, an attorney will be appointed for you.

4.      You have the right to call witnesses on your behalf in the event of a trial.

5.      You are entitled to cross examine the witnesses who might testify in the case against you.

6.      You have a right to testify on your own behalf or stand mute, and, there will be no significance attached to either choice that you might make.

7.      You are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and, it is not your job to disprove your guilt, but rather, the job of the Prosecutor for the City, through witnesses, to prove your guilt.

8.      If you are dissatisfied with any decision rendered by the Court, you have 10 days from your appearance in Court, to secure the appropriate appeal forms from the Clerk of this Court, and you may then process your own appeal to the St. Louis County Circuit Court in Clayton, where, at a different time, and before a different Judge, you will be given an entirely new trial.

When your case is called, please step forward.  Your charges will be read to you.  You have the choice of pleading guilty or not guilty.  If you plead guilty, the fine or punishment will be assessed.  If you plead not guilty, as is your right, it will be necessary to continue your case one month so subpoenas can be issued to the arresting officer or other witnesses in your case.

If you plead guilty, or are found guilty, the Clerk of this Court is bound to certify that finding to the Driverís License Department of this State of Missouri, or the home state where you are licensed, for their independent assessment of points against your driving record.

Court costs in every case are $22.50 in addition to the fine imposed.