City of Clarkson Valley


  1. A homeowner experiencing a problem with the lateral service line should contact a plumbing company or a drain and sewer cleaning company to have the line cabled. This cost of sewer cleaning will not be a reimbursable cost under the City policy. If this procedure does not resolve the problem, the property owner should contact the Clarkson Valley City Hall. The owner will need to complete an application and bring a copy of the most current, paid real estate tax bill for the property.
  2. If there is a leaching hole in the ground or a visible ground indentation toward the street where the sewer main runs, the City will arrange for the Metropolitan Sewer District to perform a dye test. If there is no leaching hole or visible indentation at or near the sewer main, the owner must contract a qualified company to televise the line so that the cause of problem can be determined. If that discloses that the line is defective, the cost of such testing is includable as part of the reimbursable cost. Only repairs necessary to prevent the leaking or seepage of sewage or irreparable blockages rendering the lateral non-functional shall reimbursable under this policy.
  3. If it is determined from the television inspection that the sewer service line is defective, the homeowner will solicit three (3) bids from plumbing contractors or drain layers licensed to perform such work in St. Louis County for the necessary repair work to insure that the bidders have given a fair, competitive bid. (See attached list of licensed contractors. Homeowner is not limited to hiring contractors on the attached list and may hire whomever he or she chooses as long as the contractor is licensed to do the work.) The City shall reimburse the property owner for the full amount of the lowest bid for the necessary costs to repair the defective lateral sewer, subject to the maximum reimbursable amount of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) per necessary repair.
    Note: The corrective work that is subject to reimbursement from the fund is limited to excavation, repair or replacement of the defective portion of the line only and backfilling, seeding and strawing of the disturbed portion of the yard. Additional work shall be done at the homeowner's expense.
  4. The contractor selected by property owner shall obtain any necessary permits from St. Louis County and the City of Clarkson Valley to perform the work in compliance with applicable St. Louis County and City of Clarkson Valley codes and submit an itemized bill to the homeowner upon completion of the repair work.
  5. Upon completion of the corrective work, the homeowner will provide the City of Clarkson Valley with the following:
    1. A written statement that the work has been completed;
    2. Copies of the three (3) bids received;
    3. The itemized bill from the contractor who performed the repairs indicating that the bill has been paid.

    The City will reimburse directly to the resident one hundred percent (100%) of the costs for the corrective work as stipulated in Paragraph 4 above, not to exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) or the amount of the lowest responsible bid, whichever is the smallest amount.
  6. The City has no obligation or responsibility for the performance or actions of the contractor, including his agents, successors, and/or assigns, and the City has no responsibility for any property damage caused to the owner's or neighbors' personal or real property because of the sewer line defects or any actions, errors, and/or omissions, including intentional or unintentional acts by the contractor, including his agents, successors, and/or assigns.

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