Approvals and Requirements for Building Permit

New Residence and Additions


The review and approval are contingent on the items listed in conjunction with the approval of the building permit.


1.      A temporary construction fence (minimum  3 foot high mesh type or better, with supports placed at 8 foot intervals)  shall be erected at all excavation areas within the site as approved by the City of Clarkson Valley prior to any construction work commencing. A neutral color material is preferred.

2.      All soil erosion protection (silt fencing) shall be installed and approved by the City of Clarkson Valley prior to construction. This protection will be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Due diligence and pre-site work shall be used to prevent any dirt, mud or debris from being carried out onto the road ways from the property. The permittee is responsible for all sub-contractors and delivery vehicles.

3.      Dumpsters and material storage shall be within the construction site only. Nothing shall be placed on the street or tree lawn area. The dumpster shall be tarped each evening to keep trash from blowing into neighborhood.

4.      Portable restroom shall be placed within the lot area (a minimum of 15 feet back from the front property line and a minimum of 5 feet from the side or rear property line) which is least invasive to the surrounding residents and as approved by the City of Clarkson Valley. The restroom shall be surrounded by a 6 foot privacy/decorative fence-type enclosure.

5.      All building materials shall be within the construction site area only and placed upon a temporary rocked area. Parking on the grass, dirt or unimproved area is not allowed. If parking of vehicles is desired on the site, a temporary rocked area shall be provided and removed in its entirety at the site grading stage.


Any breach of the above requirements may warrant a stop work order to be issued on the project.



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