Planning and Zoning Commission

July 20, 2011


            The Clarkson Valley Planning and Zoning Commission, pursuant to notices published in the West Newsmagazine on July 6 met on Wednesday, July 20, 2011, at the Fru-Con Building to consider one agenda item and to make a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen.


            Planning and Zoning Commission members present were:

                        Frank Hodgdon, Chairman

                        Susan Shea

                        Artie Ahrens

                        Ann Grabner

                        Members Jerry Litschgi and John Cloute were unable to attend.  Member Gregg Bogosian was absent.

                        City Clerk, Michele McMahon also attended


            The meeting was called to order despite the lack of a quorum.  Mr. Carl Hudson introduced himself stating he is the Senior Class Principal for Marquette High School.  Mr. Hodgdon welcomed him and stated the Commission is minus one member tonight; only four Members are present.  This proposal requires four affirmative responses in order to be able to make a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen.  With one member shy, it would require a unanimous affirmative vote.  Mr. Hodgdon then asked Mr. Hudson if he would be willing to go forward with the proposal, knowing that if the request is more complicated than at first anticipated, this meeting could halt and another notice would be published for a later date.  In so doing, however, it would take another month and the final decision could not be made until the first Tuesday in September.  Mr. Hudson agreed the Hearing should go forward. 


Mr. Hudson was sworn in and the Chairman read the Notice of Public Hearing for the first agenda item: To discuss a request from Rockwood School District for approval of their request for a Special Use Permit for signage larger than four (4) square feet at property known as 2351 Clarkson Road ad to make a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen.


            Mr. Hudson explained that historically, the graduating class gives a gift to the school.  This year the class thought it would be good to have name recognition on Clarkson Road and proposed lettering to be placed on the new retaining wall at the retention pond.  The letters are two (2) feet in height and a total of forty (40) feet in length.  He concluded by stating it would take two weeks to receive after the date of order and they were quoted two days for installation.


The Commission Members noted there is a small sign announcing the high school at the entrance on Clarkson Road but if you're heading north, no signage is visible.  Another Member inquired about the proportion on the diagram and asked if the diagram was to scale to which the response was affirmative. 


            The Planning and Zoning Commission Members had no questions or comments and Member Susan Shea made a motion that the Commission make an affirmative recommendation to the Board of Aldermen.  Member Artie Ahrens seconded the motion.  The Chairman then asked for a roll call vote with the following result:  Ayes:  Hodgdon, Shea, Ahrens and Grabner.  There were no nays.  Whereby the motion was declared as having passed.


            The meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.


                                                            Respectfully submitted,





                                                            Frank W. Hodgdon III, Chairman

                                                            Planning and Zoning Commission

                                                            City of Clarkson Valley