Recently State Senator Eric Schmitt's office asked us for a list of three things our City was most proud of.  You may have responded to Michele's e-mail asking for your input.  We were not surprised to receive many more responses than we could classify into three categories.  I thought you would be interested in some of your fellow citizen's answers:


         We have beautiful neighborhoods in Clarkson Valley! With a minimum lot size of 1 acre the beauty not only comes from the homes but the well-manicured properties as well.

         We know our neighbors in Clarkson Valley! We have a wonderful balance of retirees, empty nesters and families with children which creates a charming sense of community. 

         Safety, secure, safe neighborhoods

         Privacy, with green space

         Peaceful, quiet and tranquil

         My wife and I are most proud of the warm, family atmosphere that Clarkson Valley offers and the citizens who make that atmosphere possible and the caring, professional manner in which the City staff conducts the City's business.

         Friendly, helpful neighbors

         Clean, well kept streets and yards

         Clear and timely communication from/between residents and government

         Responsiveness! Actual people that answer the phone when you call City Hall.  They respond to every inquiry with a sense of urgency. If they don't have an answer for me immediately they always get back to me with an answer within 24 hours. 

         Low density

         Lack of intrusive City Government


Now having said that, what is there you don't like that we can address - call me - 636-394-8916.