Have you heard or perhaps you have asked the question – What are those orange markers along Kehrs Mill Road? Is the County planning on widening the road??? Let’s answer the last question first. The County is not planning on widening the road.


Laclede Gas will begin a gas main installation project along Kehrs Mill Road from Strecker Road east to Clayton Road. The following are excerpts from the letter the effected citizens will receive soon from Laclede.


For those of you along the route, you will be receiving requests to identify any underground facilities, i.e., sprinkler systems, etc.  If you would like additional information, call city hall at 636-227-8607.


The project will last approximately six to eight months and encompasses a natural gas main installation. During this project, construction crews will be installing gas mains underground, along utility easements and right of way corridors. During construction, crews will make every effort to minimize traffic and excavation disturbances along the route. After installation is complete, effort will be made to restore yards to their original state and repair streets as the project allows.


Talking about streets—I know many of you have continued to walk Fido (no matter the weather) with your spouse or a friend.  A reminder - walk on the LEFT SIDE of the street.  That would be facing the traffic.  Be safe.