The 2013-2014 Winter - the season that will not move on!!!  There is no reason for me to replay what you already know.  However, with these extreme weather conditions, I wonder if our underground facilities - like lateral sewer lines - will be affected.  The technical answer is probably not, but perhaps it's still a good time to review the coverage available for lateral sewer repair.  State law allows cities within the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District, with voter approval, to levy a property fee for lateral sewer repair.  This property fee (tax) was approved by Clarkson Valley voters in November 2001.  It is included in your annual property tax bill received from St. Louis County.  The annual fee is $28.  It is in a separate account of the City and can only be used for lateral sewer repair.  We established our program in January 2002.  An overview of the procedure follows:


        You experience a lateral sewer problem

        You contact a company to clean the sewer

        If cleaning does not resolve the problem, call City Hall

        We will review the necessary steps with you; i.e. obtaining bids, etc.


The City will pay the lowest bid up to $5,000.  You make the decision as to the company to do the work (we have a list of companies available).  After the work is completed, provide the City with: 


        Written completed work statement

        Three (3) copies of received bids

        The contractor's itemized bill


Let's hope it doesn't happen to you, but if it does, your previous payments are available to help.  There are more details to the procedure than I can cover in this space, so if you have questions, call City Hall or me at 636-394-8916.