A Brief Look Back For 2010

The holiday season is upon us -- Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and then New Years.  This can be a time of reflection; a time to review the good times; the fun times -- a chance to enjoy them again through memories.  And it's time to be thankful for the bountiful things in our lives.  So why not take time to count them and rejoice!!!

My reflections are framed by the City's three areas of responsibilities:  1) protection of the individual citizen, 2) property value protection and 3) environmental concerns.  Each of these does not stand alone, just as providing police service for the individual's safety also makes for safer neighborhoods, thus better property values.  Maintaining one's property not only protects the individual's property value it enhances the values throughout the area while protecting the environment. 

Here's a look back at some of the events in these areas during 2010. 

I.            Individual Safety and Property Values

            A.            Police Activities - Traffic Citations

                    Traffic citations this year were higher in number than last year (through October 2010, 1,689 versus 1,267 in 2009).  Not sure why.  If you hear that Clarkson Valley has speed traps, the answer is "Yes" and we will continue to monitor the streets as long as drivers are going 30 miles-an-hour above the speed limit.  Call it what you may, but I know that speed is not safe and it's the City's job to make our roads safe as possible.  By the way, most of these citations are to non-residents, so keep it up -- speed down.

                    Some good news about these situations:  alcohol and drug related traffic citations are down 57% (20 in 2010 from 46 in 2009).

                    These are indications that our police are on the streets protecting us every day.

            B.            Other Police Activities:

                                                                           2009             2010

                     General Peace Disturbance    6    4

                        Petty Larceny    1    0

Destruction of Private Property    3    0

Housing Violations    5    2

II.            Environment -- Good news statistics that show you care:

A.        Recycling continues to be a priority for you -- look how far we have come in recent years: 

Recyclables In Tonnage By Year

2007 249.83

2008 282.36

2009 295.80

Nine months into 2010, we already recycled 237.83 tons and with the last three months historically being on the high side, the year-end will exceed 320 tons.  This is not only environmentally helpful, but it saves money for our trash hauler -- thus a better rate for us.  The totals are published monthly in this newsletter so check it out and continue to recycle.

B.         Prescription Drug Take-Back was, and continues to be a successful program not only in Clarkson Valley, but also throughout the Rockwood School District.  You may have participated in this program in 2010.  The program provides a place for you to take back those expired and discontinued medications.  The return of medications has been so successful; plans are for an event to be held each quarter next year (2011).  Watch for the announcement in this newsletter. 

The recent Clarkson Valley Celebration was a grand event.  Fun things for the young; informative things for the adults; and a chance to tour the new St. John's Mercy building.  Read more about it in this edition. 

Looking back at our 2010 financial situation, it remains very tenuous.  Even with the elimination of the yard waste expense, a balanced budget for 2011-2012 (fiscal year July through June) will be a challenge. 

If you know a Veteran -- see him/her or call them and say, "Thanks"!

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