2010 is rapidly coming to a close.  I hope it has been a successful year for you and your family.  For most of us, the economic picture has tested our ability to deal with stress.  Sometimes, looking back to remember the good times is helpful and can provide joy.  As I began to look back on the City’s year to answer, “How are we doing?” - I realized the question begs, “Against what?”  I had an uncle who when asked, “How you doing?” answered, “Compared to what?”  All this took me back to why does Clarkson Valley exist?  A successful community's sustainability has roots in understanding and appreciating where it comes from.  Let me share a bit of history:

Clarkson Valley was originally incorporated in 1950 as a village comprising approximately 1708 acres.  I believe that they had a vision for this new community -- a vision for an environment of maintaining the natural beauty of the area, trees, wild life, residential homes on spacious lots, etc. -- thus the requirement of a minimum one-acre lots.  Between original incorporation and 1985, it perfected four annexations.  As a result of these annexations, the size of the City has grown to 1825 acres.  In 1988, the village elected to become a fourth class city.  The City is bounded by Wildwood on the west; the City of Chesterfield on the north, west and east; Ballwin on the east; and Ellisville on the south.  Major access is from Kehrs Mill Road running mostly east and west and Clarkson Road, which runs mostly north and south connecting to Highway 40 (I-64) near Chesterfield Mall Shopping Center.  The real estate assessed valuation has grown from $8.56 million in 1978 to $98.21 million in 2010.  The City’s population in 1973 was estimated to be 164.  The population of the City was 2675 in the 2000 census; the 2010 figures have yet to be released but one can only imagine an increase, as this is a wonderful place to set down roots and raise a family.

            The current government structure of the City is as prescribed for a fourth class city by Missouri State law.  The Board of Aldermen is comprised of six alderpersons, two from each of three wards elected to staggering two-year terms.  A Mayor is elected at-large every four years.  The Aldermanic meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month in facilities leased from the Fru-Con Corporation at 15933 Clayton Road.  The City maintains an office in the same building.


We define our mission as:

The mission of the City of Clarkson Valley is to maintain and enhance a secure environment that ensures quality of life, and protection of both personal safety and property value with cost-effective city government.

As you are aware, we have and continue to face financial concerns going into the new year.  The ability to maintain the achievement of our goals, keeping the mission a reality will be severely tested.  The council realizes plans for our future need to be reviewed.  Questions concerning future revenues and expenses in context to the mission must be projected beyond a one-two-year period.  Implicit in the City's mission is the preservation and enhancement of our existing neighborhoods, therefore, you and your neighbors are the focus for how we proceed.  For it's your and my neighborhoods that identify who we are and their condition is a major determinant of the desirability of Clarkson Valley as a place to raise a family.  Therefore, as the council looks forward for your City, we want your input -- what do you want?  Call or e-mail me and/or your councilperson.

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