What a summer!! Heat index soaring above 105 degrees, leav-
ing us longing for the days of 2008 and 2009
. In spite of the
heat, we hope you enjoyed your summer and will have fond
. In all this heat, the St.John's Medical and Physi-
cians building was completed on time and they are now see-
ing patients. This is a state
-of-the-art building. I mean really

The building is a 125,000 square foot facility with St. Louis
Cancer and Breast Institute occupying the first floor. This floor
will include an infusion center, radiation oncology
, imaging ser-
vices, mammography, ultrasound, stereotactic procedures and lab
services. Pretty extensive, wouldn
't you say?!!

The second floor includes: ambulatory surgery, pathology,
vascular diagnostic testing cardiac diagnostic testing, St.John's
Mercy heart and vascular office, nuclear medicine, integrated
medicine and therapy services including chiropractic services,
massage therapy, acupu
ncture, auriculotherapy, healing touch,
guided imagery, nutrition counseling, physical therapy, occu

pational therapy, counseling services and a conference center
for multidisciplinary cancer conferences and oncology support

The third floor will be doctors' offices and oncology research.
We are extremely plea
sed to have such an outstanding facility in
Clarkson Valley. Make plans to attend their open house sched-
uled for October 30. Details will be forthcoming

How about your summer projects-getting them all done?! If
you started and need an extension on that permi
t, call City Hall
as soon as you know and we will help you with it. Speaking of
activities to be done, those of you with swimming pools, be sure
to drain in such a manner not to cause standing or stagnant
water or create a nuisance for your surrounding neighbors. Fall
is a great time for parties, football, Halloween, etc., so if you are
planning a large get-together, c
all and tell us about your plans.
And, if appropriate or if you wish, our police will h
elp you with
the planning
. There is no charge, no permit required-we just
want to ensure the event is safe for you and your neighbors.

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