Mayor's Corner

By Mayor Scott Douglass

Happenings In The Neighborhood


St. John's

It's official, our City will be the home of a new St. John's Mercy Medical Center facility. The construction of the new facility will begin later this summer. Located at the corner of Clarkson and Clayton roads, the new building will be three stories tall, 125,000 square feet on 10.65 acres. This lot was part of the original Fru-Con property.  Fru-Con remains in its present location.

The new facility will offer unique services for women with breast disease and breast cancer. The well-known St. Louis Cancer and Breast Institute will relocate to the new center and expand services for diagnosing and treating cancer. Other physicians will also be housed in the facility, including internists and family physicians that are part of St. John's Mercy Medical Group. In addition, the center will offer imaging services, an outpatient surgery center, holistic health and integrative medicine, health education and a heart health program designed for women.

All services will be operated by St. John's Mercy Medical Center. McCarthy is the general contractor for the project.  Archimages is the architectural firm. Plans call for completion by August 2010.


As your Mayor, I have the opportunity to attend the St. Louis County Police Department's annual memorial breakfast. This annual event is held to pay tribute to those police officers who gave their lives in the line of duty. Their families are honored with the pledge that "they will never be forgotten." Though a solemn event, it is done in a tasteful manner with meaning. The police and other law enforcement officers present rededicate themselves to serve mankind, safeguard lives and property.  Do you, as do I, sometimes take for granted what police officers do in protecting us? Because it is about protecting us against each other most of the time. So perhaps they would have less trauma in their lives and we would have less in ours if we would be a little more considerate of others and practice more safety in our own behavior-a little thing like when walking, WALK ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE STREET FACING TRAFFIC!!