Change.  A simple word - not hard to define as long as it’s happening some place else; i.e. not related to me.  Your City government has been going through constant change these last several years.  We changed trash haulers in 2006, changed police coverage in 2007, reduced twice-a-week trash pick-up to once a week in 2009 and discontinued the city paying for yard waste pick-up.  Along with these changes, internal office procedures, new ordinances to better service your needs have been instituted.  We believe these changes have:  1) saved money, 2) constituted a high level of service and/or 3) improved service.  As a direct result, a look ahead shows a balanced budget for the 2011-2012 fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) is achievable.  To make this happen will require our continuing tight control of our expenses.  The revenues are more unpredictable, i.e. our largest revenue contributor is the state sales tax.  With the economy improving, we expect an increase—be it a relatively small one (2 ½%)--but an important one for us.


Another change:


In last month’s newsletter, our publisher, N2 Publishing’s area director Aaron Golchert, discussed the problem advertisers were having of not receiving a lot of response from their ads.  As he stated in his article based on reduced advertisements, they would not be able to continue this publication.  The City agreement for this newsletter is a ‘no cost’ agreement.  We do understand the situation--no dollars available, no publication.  So this will be our last issue.  A big thanks to Aaron for his efforts and a great job – it was good while it lasted.  How can we ‘keep-in-touch’ for the future?  There are several ways:  1) we will investigate publishing a quarterly newsletter (no advertising) internally and distribute it by mail; 2) e-mail a quarterly or more often newsletter; 3) visits to our web site; 4) talk to your alderpersons; 5) call the mayor.  If you are interested in receiving information on a more current basis, try one or all of the above.  Call or send us your e-mail address (636-227-8607; e-mail:


The most anticipated change now is for Spring—enough of Winter already!  So look forward!  Soon it will be time to plant, to garden, to mow, to barbeque and watch Mother Nature come alive again.  I am reminded of the old expression, ‘the only thing that does not change is change itself’!!