A Couple of Reminders


It's February, doesn't that signal spring is just around the corner - don't forget February is a short month.  OK, I am stretching things a bit.  Because there surely are some cold days still in ol' man winter's bag awaiting us.  No matter what the weather, the New Year is off to a fast start (one month already gone).  There are a couple of reminders for this year. 


Walking "Fido"

I continue to notice and marvel at those of you with dogs, how devoted you are to their health.  "Fido" needs his/her exercise - not just on warm days but year-round.  I hope you are thanking him/her for getting you some exercise, too.  So let me remind you to take your sealed bag on each walk and pick up any dog waste.  We do have a city ordinance that makes is unlawful for any persons owning or in control of any animal to permit or allow such animal to defecate upon property other than the property belonging to the person owning or in control of such animal unless such person shall remove immediately all feces so deposited.  So when you and "Fido" (on a leash of course) take that walk, be a good responsible neighbor and clean up after him/her.  Further, if you are aware of a problem with pet waste in your neighborhood, let us know.  I think we can help.  Please walk on the left side of the road - facing traffic.


Utility Bills

Check your bills for a city tax.  Clarkson Valley does not tax your water, gas or telephone (land line or mobile).  The cities around us, Ballwin, Chesterfield, Ellisville, Wildwood do tax all utilities a minimum of 5%.  Check your bills to ensure you do not have a charge for these services.  Your TV cable bill and your electric bill are different.  There is a Clarkson Valley tax on each; cable 5%, electric 2%. 


Let me explain why it's important to check your bill.  Recently a citizen of Clarkson Valley called asking about a tax on her cell phone bill, "Wildwood tax".  She had called the providers of the service and they said by living in the 63005 zip code area, the Wildwood tax was applied.  After numerous calls by her and us to officials of the providing company, we were told not a 63005 but a wrong street address problem.  We questioned how that could be the answer if she was receiving her bill?  On the next month's bill for this resident the Wildwood taxes were gone, but this bill showed a Chesterfield tax.  After another call I was assured the situation was corrected.  It does appear it has, at least for this resident as the following month's bill had no municipal taxes charged.  And she was to receive a refund for the previous erroneous charges.  Check your utility bills - remember there are no Clarkson Valley taxes on water, gas or telephone (land line or mobile).