Planning and Zoning Commission

September 30, 2010



            The Clarkson Valley Planning and Zoning Commission, pursuant to notices published in the West Newsmagazine on Wednesday, September 15th and the Clarkson Valley website since September 9th, met at City Hall on Thursday, September 30, 2010 in the Fru-Con Center's third floor Presentation Room at 15933 Clayton Road to consider the proposals brought forth by David Zeigler, Managing Principal with Lee & Associates of St. Louis and to make a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen. 


            Planning and Zoning Commission Members present were:


                        Susan Shea, Chairperson

                        Artie Ahrens

                        Gregg Bogosian

                        Anne Grabner

                        Jerry Litschgi


Commission Chair, Frank Hodgdon and Member John Cloute were not able to attend.


City Clerk, Michele McMahon, attended and took Minutes.


            After the meeting was called to order, the Chairperson read the Notice of Public Hearing for the agenda item: To consider a request from Lee and Associates for a special use permit to locate a lease sign in the "C" office district larger than 4 square feet for the Fru-Con building on property known as 15933 Clayton Road and to make a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen. 


Mr. Lee introduced himself and on the site plan, showed the general location of where he would like the proposed sign to be installed.  He said the intent is to place it to the north side of the Clarkson Road entrance in a manner that does not interfere with traffic ingressing and egressing the complex. 


            He described the basic sign as being 4' x 6' with a 1' x 6' "rider" on top and a 1' x 6' "rider" on the bottom of the sign.  Commission Member Ahrens asked for clarification whereupon it was determined the sign would be 2' off the ground and from the sign's top down to the ground would be 8', with the sign being a total of 36 square feet.  Mr. Zeigler explained the nature of the "riders" saying the top rider will consist of the square footage available for lease.  Also, if the building's owners decide to sell rather than lease, the rider could easily be changed.  The riders would not go any higher than what he is proposing or any lower. 


            Mrs. Grabner asked how soon after the building is fully leased would the sign be removed to which Mr. Zeigler said they put an immediate request for removal and it should be down within three-to-four days. 


            Mr. Ahrens stated the request from Lee and Associates is for a temporary sign and he asked how long Mr. Zeigler considers "temporary"?  Chairperson Shea asked too, if the Fru-Con contract is open-ended to which Mr. Zeigler said the property is listed with

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a one-year contract.  Conversation ensued but in the end it was determined the sign would be allowed for one year with the commencement date the same as the 1-year contract date with Fru-Con. 


            Mr. Ahrens asked Chairperson Shea if the contract is changed to another party, does the new realtor have to redo this process, to which she said yes they would. 


            Other notes regarding the building and proposed signage:  Both sides of the sign are to be painted white along with the structural cross bucks.  The lettering will be black with some blue and the color of the rider background and a portion of the logo will be oxblood.  The marketing will not be geared to the medical field.  It will be strictly general office space.  The Commission made sure Mr. Zeigler was aware there is no retail in the City, and he stated he was aware. 


Gregg Bogosian made a motion to give the Board of Aldermen an affirmative recommendation to the change in language of the PC code, seconded by Susan Shea.  A roll call vote was taken with the following result:  Ayes Ahrens, Bogosian, Grabner, Litschgi and Shea.  There were no nays.  To which Mrs. Shea declared an affirmative recommendation.


            The meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.


                                                            Respectfully submitted,





                                                            Michele McMahon

                                                            City of Clarkson Valley